De Willem kandelaar


De Willem kandelaar Eenvoud

H50 – Ø30 cm

Candle holder De Willem stands for anyone who finds purpose in life after an uncertain, unpleasant or difficult time. for anyone who for whatever reason deserves a helping hand. For all these go-getters, this candleholder symbolizes that someone is standing next to you, thinking about you and looking after you.

Made with love – for you to enjoy

Each object is handmade. K’ willeminhuis likes to work with creative go-getters and social workshops who work with great care and love. The working with them takes K’ willeminhuis further towards there goal. It doesn’t matter who, what or how you are, making a nice assignment is nice and gives you a sense of pride.

The design often arises ‘by itself’ from waste iron and is unique in its kind.
The welds can be seen and what is straight becomes a bit
‘wonki’, a unique object, every time.

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